IT Strategy

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Services

  • Acting as interim CIO, we’ll gain an understanding of your organization and provide you with strategic advice and direction for your I/T function. We’ll help you assess business strategy to ensure your focus is on the right I/T initiatives for your business. Product Sheet: (more…)

 I/T Assessment and Planning

  •  Let us perform a thorough assessment of your I/T department – people, processes and technology. We can calculate return on investment (ROI) on your I/T projects.

 Readiness Assessment

  •  We’ll assess your I/T organization’s ability to embrace new technology, perform I/T acquisition due diligence or assess application and/or staff ability to support rapid growth.

 I/T Financial Planning / Controlling

  •  Information Advantage can provide I/T budgeting and forecasting expertise, or provide I/T financial controlling experience.


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